Just wanted to thank you for taking the time for writing such excellent and detailed instructions, they worked perfectly for me first go! Here’s the result of that grep call: Worked perfectly in Breezy, then I apt-get dist-upgraded to Dapper yesterday. Intel WiFi Link half size. General Problem with rt2xxx driver? I solved my problem downloading the cvs driver directly from serailmonkey:

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Ralink RT2500 Free Driver Download (Official)

Maybe just to debug this situation, would it be possible to bring the router closer to your computer? A little research, and today I went out and bought the Belkin That worked so well it even stopped wireless altogether see attached, on start up no wireless, no wlan0 etc either.

I really don’t want to copy all of my hd movies to my computer and would LOVE to be back up to my isb xp wireless speeds.

I haven’t tried removing the option from xorg, but my Avaratec now works. I tried rpm -qa kernel but got “bash: I am having problems with an rtpci card. The 11g-rr2500 app is PowerPC only – but good to know that they are already working on their drivers. Where does the driver come from? This is just my inexpert opinion. My laptop is bit before I upgraded to hardy my wireless worked fine. Sorry for the trouble you’re having.


HOWTO: RT, etc. wireless cards [Archive] – Page 3 – Ubuntu Forums

I would have liked to gotten the 64 bit installed. If none of that works, post back with a description of what you tried, and we’ll think about what to do next.

You will have to get a copy of the bit XP drivers in order for this tutorial to work. First of ub, the AE comes in GB capacity, which is quite enough for storing of large amount of data. Perhaps I have the wrong blacklist file??? To continue, thanks to the availability of an integrated Wi-Fi module The driver seems not to be set up correctly and when I try to configure the network manager the system freezes.

I got it to work once but reformated to a bigger hd and can’t get it to work again. Uncomment the following two lines to add software 11gr-t2500 the ‘backports’ repository. I belive that has alot to do with the instability. But I cannot connect to my router anymore with the RT based card, ueb it can “see” the router!?

Right now, it looks like eth0 is filling 11v-rt2500 role. If card is connected before booting it is recognised as RT but no Airport If so, how do 11g-rt2500 get a hold of the “fix” before do a fresh install of Hardy – after which install I won’t have a connection at all. Also, there seems to be a problem with your lo interface: Therefore, your hardware is probably fine, and it is only a matter of configuring software to make everything work.


What do you suggest I am doing 11g-rh2500 get the wireless RTL working with 8. But I won’t bore you with details; I’ll let the following speak for itself: I’m not sure exactly why this might be, but it would probably be good to double check the DHCP settings on the router.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. See full activity log. You can test how fast is your connection is to ge.

List of Wi-Fi Device IDs in Linux

This might have been the reason things didn’t work before either. I found success after removing WICD and reinstalling network-manager and network-manager-gnome.

Care to instead test the latest Karmic release since it contains a newer 2.