What are the errors which can occur when the loadtest controller attempts to connect to agents? Cannot perform this command while a document is being updated in background! How do I configure SilkPerformer to record a newly installed browser? Logging off an agent machine during a loadtest in SilkPerformer. How can I prevent a custom timer measure from being included if an “Application Error” occurs within the timer during a load test? Is it possible to monitor throughput in real time using Performance Explorer? Can I simulate different modems speeds when running an FTP loadtest?

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What causes SQL Attempt to fetch non-numeric data into numeric column retrieving data from Silk Performer repository?

Trying to use an agent machine during a browser driven load test causes errors.

How do I estimate disk space requirements to store Repository results? What are the SilkPerformer OrbClient log files used for? Using BrowserExecuteJavaScript to solve issues with unrecognized popups. Failed to connect to the Server: Using the customization wizard to modify an already created parameter. WebFtpPut cannot send files larger than 2GB.

Limiting number of users to execute a part of Mmicrosoft code during the load test. Displayed with “Starting recording agent failed” message in Silk Performer 9.


Oracle driver missing when connecting to database. How can I add a client certificate to a Web Ssl in. R -pure virtual function call” mean and how can I deal with it?

How can I enable large icons in Silk Performer? Silk Performers recorder sometimes causes a Web Application to fail or to produce application errors during recording. What causes “Connection is busy with results for another hstmt” message to be displayed on replay?

Connection Failed ; Login Failed for user ‘sa’

Best practices for script and results reuse in SilkPerformer. Is it possible to reboot microoft server from BDL? How do I set more than one command line option using the JavaSetOption function? Proxy record an application that does not have proxy support.

How can I see a description of the errors generated during my test? How many concurrent users can I can run in SilkPerformer Lite? What are recording rules and what are the benefits of using them in my project? How can I specify a domain parameter or a wildcard character in the WebSetProxy function? GetTransactionName function does not return the correct transaction name? Using a recording rule to suppress the scripting of WebCookieSet functions cookies for a particular domain. Can Silk Performer be used to test an application’s adherence to web standards?


Are there any issues with the OdbcIgnoreError function?

Error “The procedure entry point could not be found in dynamic link library perfZZZ. Performance Object list is disabled in Silk Performance Explorer. How can I stop the terminating character being included when using FileGetColumn?

Login failed for [SQLSTATE 28000] (Error 18456) the step failed SQL Server

Percentiles data is lost after remerging the load test results. How can I print or write the number of errors which a Virtual User has during a loadtest? Is it possible to change the default input parameter values settings in.

How to overwrite data from a specific column in an external data file within Silk Performer. How do I create a custom template to define which data are displayed in my Overview Reports?