Blu Magoo 8 years ago. I tend to try most of the new drivers that come out each year. Anyway, love the black look but will have to just deal with the finish coming off. Pricing is updated regularly to ensure that you are receiving the highest trade-in value for your used clubs. Of course, in this case, what I mean by stiff is actually stable.

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Adams Speedline LS Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

Dcigar 7 years ago. Hit on the sweet spot it hits nice high bombs My usuall miss of block right amazingly strayed much less offlineand while only going instead ofkept me in play which has been my problem with driver all season.

We pride ourselves on our objectivity. If, upon inspection, 2nd Swing identifies any discrepancies golv. Below Average This golf club has been well used, but not abused. I am sold on this club as well. We have a winner!

The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. My first impression, the head with deep face was intimidating. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. At 2nd Swing Golf, we work very hard to accurately rate our clubs according to our golg guide.


Ping45 7 adamw ago. I had the LS bolf I felt like I lost distance and could not hit it straight compared to my TM r7 limited although I think the shaft was not stiff enough for me, to be fair.

I posted two weeks ago under the Cobra S3 review that I had just broken the head off my current driver and was still looking for a replacement Thanks for such a candid write up of your drivers. Did the Adams LS 9. I appreciate the fast reply. I am keeping this driver. Thanks for such a great review sight. I currently have one in 9. Might have to break down and grab a to try.

A perfect mid launch that just carries and runs. Box Jackson, WY Fiirst of all thank you for your most informative reviews.

We are aware of the rebates, but since they come and go sometimes quicklywhen we do our testing and collect our feedback, we have to base our questions on the retail price at the time.

Blu Magoo 8 years ago.

Adams Golf Speedline 9064LS Drivers

Fitting Message Get a great deal when you buy from 2nd Swing and take advantage of our Trade In program. I hit gol about the same I may have gained about 5 yards with the cold it is hard to say for sure. Their hybrids need no endorsement from me. As far as swing weight goes, we check swing weight prior to taping the clubs, so our measurements reflect how the club was shipped from the manufacturer.



It will adamss difficult to determine if it has been used. I would agree with your response P-Gunna in regards to accuracy for sure. I ended up buying Taylormade mcs only because they are an amazing set of irons but after hitting their irons, I am now very tempted to invest in their other clubs woods and hybrids.

Trade values are based on several factors such as demand, condition, release date and other resale factors. If it play’s anything like my D but just a little straighter and a little longer I will be in love. More important, it was VERY accurate, consistently finding the fairway.

I can attest to the amazing numbers on flightscope.