Comment 48 Stanislav Hanzhin Comment 1 Dan Williams When I tried to use it to connect to the net: Comment 42 Igor Bukanov It takes up to a minute before the indicator shows that the modem has found a network. CHAP authentication succeeded Jan 20 Some modems take a while to register with the network.

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Comment 40 Fedora Update System Comment 47 Stanislav Hanzhin Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug.

After inserting the modem: You can do that by as root of course: Welcome to minicom 2. So I suspect the issue is the modem simply hasn’t had enough time to fully register on the network yet. Comment 27 Igor Bukanov During one of the attempts to connect the NetworkManager even managed to get IP addresses, but then NetworkManager terminated the connection: Comment 8 Miroslav Pragl I could not reproduce that bug. Comment 48 Stanislav Hanzhin BTW, what carrier is this?


Comment 2 Miroslav Pragl Comment 26 Dan Williams CDMA modem connection failed: Comment 41 Igor Bukanov Comment 20 Igor Bukanov Description Miroslav Pragl Sent 0 bytes, received 0 bytes. Comment 46 Fedora Update System Unfortunately, I do not own this modem, the previous debug log was from help session on forum. If I stop modem-manager and NetworkManager, insert the modem, wait until the modem finds network and then start modem-manager and NetworkManager, I got: Comment 29 Igor Bukanov Comment 14 Igor Bukanov Comment 3 Miroslav Pragl Modem hangup Jan 20 Comment 36 Dan Williams I just may not have looked hard enough, but even if we do that isn’t hooked up yet.

The error occurs even before dialing Steps to Reproduce: Your problem and Miroslav’s seems to be no service at all or slow registration. Comment 34 Igor Bukanov U30ICE04 1 [Mar 06 Search on forum revelead this: Does that one work?