The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting. If a command crashes, the command is removed from the list when the timer ticks off. During authoring, hold down the Control key to override execution of the ExitIcon script. The calculation icon changes from to. For example, the following script function will accept a list of words and return a string that is a concatenation of each word. When creating your own snippets, you can determine where the caret will be placed when Authorware inserts the snippet. This property contains one of these three values:

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The Enhanced Calculation Editor has a dialog so you can visually select the message box type you want. SetTargetModal See Writing non-modal commands. Quthorware size of the evaluation stack for the CallScriptIcon function is limited; each parameter passed takes up one space in the stack.

From anywhere within Authorware, you can call the script function Beep by using the following script line: However, there are still many Fortune companies that use Authorware as their main platform [ citation needed ].

The calculation icon changes from to.

For example, some developers distribute an AW x. This restricts what information Authorware can obtain about the media.


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This article has multiple issues. Macromedia Authorware 6 running on Windows XP. Used with target area response icons. These properties are described later in this document. Thank you for helping keep Tek-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts.

Macromedia Authorware – Authorware Release Notes

If the snippet contains more than one pipeline character, the caret esternal placed at the last instance. You can pass back a value by setting an icon variable called Result in your script function.

Used with sound icons, this property returns the expression in the Until True text box.

In the digital movie icon Properties dialog, Rate can be set for some file types, but not all. Mkvie, when doing this, you must still create Args and Result icon variables in each calculation icon that calls the external script function. This document gives you detailed information about the changes that are part of Macromedia Authorware 6. A script function can be any standard Authorware script and can have arguments passed to it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All of the code snippets are stored in a snippets. Indent specifies, in pixels, how far the items are indented from the left. If this mvoie box is left blank, the button in the Presentation window uses the icon’s title as the button label. Each value corresponds to a different button found loar the button editor, including custom buttons you may have created.


A script function can call other script functions, including nested script function calls calling the script function from within itself.

Adobe Authorware

Setting a layer from U32 functions Authorware 6. Adobe Authorware previously Macromedia Authorware was an interpreted, flowchart -based, graphical programming language. For example, a code snippet could be an if-then exhernal, a database query, or any block of Authorware script that you want to paste into a calculation.

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. I solved my problem by copying the a5vfw If the command returns 0, it was successful. The catalog was truncating the filename that spanned the th character in the return string, resulting in part of one file name to be missing. Z, X, C, and V. This allows the external script function to be called from any calculation icon, regardless of its icon title.