Press W to select the Windows Menu again. One of the first things you’ll see is the above option to press F6. If not, look for the file “txtsetup”. And I can still read the truncated text. Useful External Links inc. For that reason, Windows must load Text Mode Drivers from floppy.

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If it becomes trail and error, with more than two tries, I will give up.

No Floppy Drive for F6 Install of RAID Driver

Sometimes installing Windows can be a truly challenging problem. Format the drive and allow XP Setup to copy the files to the hard disk as usual. Thanks in advance for helping.

All options and elements in the GUI have a tool-tip associated, you need to hold the mouse over the element. Use an F6 Floppy disk containing the correct drivers for your disk controller. Using the power of FlashBoot, you usse solve even this challenge.

Add XP Install ISOs using WinSetupFromUSB :: Easy2Boot

If still having issues upload the log file in program directory and upload it to pastebin. This isn’t always case, however.


Recording videos with Cam Try to reflash your BIOS to the latest version. What does the check box Test in QEM text also truncated do? The process is explained in detail in this article.

The best option to use is option 2. There’s a special software for that purpose called nLite. Windows may work with some Intel drivers. From the test steps and the information I have found, the cause of this error is in the Controller type. If not, it might just have the driver on it, in which case you’ll have to create the floppy disk yourself. For example, Windows has builting support for ATA disk controllers see figure above in this article.

Press W to select the Windows Menu again 9.

Usually Windows drivers can be installed when installation of the Windows itself is complete. Copy the files to a blank floppy. Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Features and bug fixes DO have a higher priority. Choose your device from the list.

XP installation

Changes to the GUI would sure be a low priority for me. You can also subscribe without commenting.


Don’t put them inside a folder, put them on the root of the floppy. When installing Windows XP, most of the time you’ll find that it has the basic drivers it needs to install itself. Solve Windows logon problems. The colourful text displayed by DPMS2 will show you what drivers were selected and what two drivers will be loaded by default if you do not press F6.

So, all you need is just to add intergrate your particular driver to the long list of “default” drivers. I have put ‘s of hours of hard work into making Easy2Boot work for you! You can choose them all by holding Ctrl auto-setect clicking all of them one after another don’t hold Ctrl while scrolling.

Click on the Download button which will download a Torrent file e. Unfortunately, for some notebooks there’s no such option in their BIOS setup.