Blind tasting tests prior to the experiment showed that the addition of red food coloring did not change the flavor of the wine, so all of the differences in descriptors between the wines in the experiment were due to visual cues alone. Prepare the installation CD with Behold TV application from tuner package or download driver from our download page and unpack it to the separate folder. Depending upon our individual brain wiring, as well as our personal past experiences, the effect of color on how we perceive quality may be more or less significant than the effect of color for someone else. To make the switching more smooth it is recommended to open setting “Video” tab and set Vertical synchronization to “Fast tracking”. Each profile has independent settings. Added command line key -sf to automatically start surfing channels. Then from application settings “Video” tab click “Video processing setting for preview” and in opened window select necessary plugin for videoprocessing or deinterlace.

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Fixed displaying of different formats of DVB Audio tracks in context menu of video window. First of all this plugin will be usefull to owners of wide-screen displays with aspect ratio Volunteers tasted all three wines and found that despite the fact that the wines bea all Chardonnay, the flavors perceived matched the typical flavors and characteristics of a wine of the associated color.

Ignore it and it will close automatically. Fixed bugcheck arisen under certain conditions. To prevent this you need to refuse the driver installation and restore the deleted files. Fixed changing aspect to ” Fixed problem of DVB channel switching with H.


beholder.inf Driver File Contents (

Thank you for your great insights and comments, Bernice! Read the license agreement and approve it.

Driver installation on Windows After loading operating system will detect new device installed to the PC. Can this influence of color be applied to the marketing of wine, particularly in terms of label color?

Are these differences perceived by all wine drinkers, including experts? Added possibility of switching off DSP sound timbres on video recording. Select directory where driver bsa located.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have pre-installed DirectX Fixed problem of PC awakening on scheduler when using more than one application instance. At that time this effect achieved not only for the whole scene but for every moving object in picture.

Firmware updating; Tuner setup; TV channels setup. The message about absence of digital certificate may have the following view: Added channel surfing support for DVB mode. Added compatibility with Windows 8. It is frequent situation that for the economy of space on system drives or for reducing the size of OS distributive tweakers delete system files that are unnecessary from their point of view, but the work of driver is impossible without them.

Added support for multiple tuners in system, — simultaneous work of several application instances, separate for each tuner.

Beholder: Driver and software installation

Added setting of displaying disabled channels in context menu and OSD menu. Made icon restoration after reloading Explorer.


If you installed tuner for the first time and turned on your PC, the after loading operating system will detect new device and will suggest to select a proper driver for it. Added possibility of automatic application launch in full screen mode on turning PC on by beyolder control for models with ARPC support. Windows header file with messages definition, which provide Behold TV application control from external software.

How much can color influence our perception of quality? Relating these results to wine, studies have shown that consumers consider wine in heavier bottles to be higher quality, and also that consumers prefer lighter, thin-lipped glassware to the thicker styles. This differs from all other programs in way that it uses the true 25th frame inserted in translation of real TV broadcast.

Driver and software installation

Added support of Veholder TV Cruise model. Fixed RDS information disappearing after recording or network broadcasting stop. Depending upon our individual brain wiring, as well as our personal past experiences, the effect of color on how we perceive quality may be more or less significant than the effect of color for someone else.