Also, DC supports the full-motion clips with sound. The power turns on automatically. Depending on the type of file, the screen will be similar to one of the following illustrations. Turn the Mode dial to Video mode. The length of your clips is limited only by the amount of storage memory available.

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MMC, SD – red An on screen timer displays the elapsed time.

Setting the Image Resolution The DC supports four different image resolutions that can be selected from the Snapshot setup menu show below. Set the Mode dial to Snapshot mode.

BenQ DC3410 – digital camera Series

When in automatic mode, the camera will adjust itself automatically to take the best possible picture under the given conditions. Slide Show Mode Note: Xc DC can be connected to a video monitor or television with the included video cable. When the Indicator LED stops blinking you can take another shot or recording.

Press and to select the image quality menu. The camera adjusts itself automatically.

Setting 4310 Date and Time Because date and time are stored as metadata with each file recorded by the DCit is important to set this properly. Press the Set SET button to begin playing the video file. Press the Set SET button. Turning the Camera Off and On You can turn the camera off and on in two ways: Using The Dc The Bwnq is designed to be fast and easy to use while at the same time giving you full access to a wide range of settings.


Benq DC 3410 Manuals

The DC is designed to be fast and easy to dd while at the same time giving you full access to a wide bennq of settings. Press to adjust the volume. Note that fewer photos are stored in memory if you use the Fine setting. Open the lens cover. The tiny Nano1 astronomy camera shoots for the stars The makers behind the Tiny1 astronomy camera are back with an even smaller shooter. BenQ makes no commitment to update nor to keep current the information contained in this document.

We will get back to you shortly. To prevent files from being deleted from memory, use the lock function. Installing Software The DC software installation CD-ROM includes several useful commercial software applications Windows only that you can use to edit and bena the multimedia files you create. You can launch the program using any of these three methods, or by using the QLink button when the camera is connected to the computer with the USB cable.


This function can be turned off. Don’t show me this message again.

Open the memory card compartment cover. Use and to select one of the following: The Setup menu icon is highlighted in green.

BENQ DC Review, Price, Model, Picture, Quality, Battery, India

The flash does not fire. Digital photography begins its next chapter with radical changes Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the vamera.

Frame the shot in the LCD display. Press and to change the EV bias value from Press and to select the meter setting. Snapshot mode, Video mode, Audio mode, Playback mode and Setup mode.