I wish Cleveland would make a 17 deg fairway wood in the XLS technology; it would be a winner. Oh and as for mishits, you can achieve up to metres. I have not played a ton of golf in my life, probably around 15 total rounds since I started. I love the XL. Top notch shaft fitted which seems to suit my game. If this was my first experience with a Cleveland wood, this probably would have thrown me off. Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid Putter.

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It also provides a feature that clevfland first seems silly, but is actually pretty nice to use. Everyone on the range knows you’ve ‘got hold of one’ with this baby.

The larger face and higher moment of inertia of the Cleveland HiBore XLS driver makes a big difference, because the crown of the head has been carved out to make it longer and deeper. Need help selling or trading your clubs? This gives less clubhead twisting on off-centre strikes clevelabd greater accuracy.

Keep reading to find out.

My off line drives were still playable and my poor shots were due to a bad swing not the clubs fault. The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been highboee on a golf course. I think it does setup slightly closed as some of the reviews have mentioned.


Cleveland HiBORE XLS Fairway Wood Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Light wear on the face and normal wear on the sole. The Cleveland XLS driver looks xld larger at address than the Cleveland XL and you can see that weight has been distributed differently as the head extends further back.

If you get the right shaft in this driver it seems xos to miss the fairway!!!! At 2nd Swing Golf, we work very hard to accurately rate our clubs according to our condition guide. Clubs with cracked or dented heads, heads that rattle and clubs with broken shafts. Took it out on the range and had a problem slicing it. Every other club I own is a Nike model.

I had to make contact well out on the toe or way in on the heel before I could tell where the clubface met the ball. After a dozen more swings at the range and re-positioning myself, I started hitting consistent high and straight drives that truly felt effortless. Well about metres on the hivhbore is achievable with this clevelnad, so depending on fairway conditions you are considerably shortening holes. Last week I drove the green on a par-4 yds!

I would recommend this club to anyone looking for more distance. Since my last comment about a month ago I picked up the 7W and played hhighbore it today and was equally impressed with its performance.


I used the launch monitor and tested a couple of other drivers and definitely hit this one the best. This driver is a must have.

Cleveland HiBORE XLS Driver Review

In this position the HiBore XLS driver does look very good and at impact it gave a powerful strike and solid sound. This driver sounds like a shotgun and I love it. Though the standard XLS is supposed to have a square clubface, it feels closed. Stock Fujikura Red shaft, standard len The hardest club for me to hit has always been my driver. Just purchased the Hibore HLS Turned mine back in to the shop.

The long ball is definitely the name of the game it seems. Good club- Average price. The Cleveland Woods are very soft off the face. And you could always wear an ear plug to keep the hearing in your clubside ear. Hopefully I can carry over the range success to the xos thing — on the course!