I have just got back from a demo day at the local range. No more 3 iron tee shots for me. I may bite the bullet and spend the money and have it itted. PS Take some ear plugs, you won’t have to shout four, people will hear it coming!!!! I have an extensive collection of drivers and this went to the top of the list immediately.

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I was unhappy with this club. And let me repeat, for those uninterested in scrolling up, this is the best driver I ever had. Would recomend to any hi to mid handicapper.

I had never been able to hit a driver that far at my driving range. I find myself teeing the ball up much higher than I ever have before, and it seems to be working for me.

This is a huge bonus for me as if I mis-hit my current driver I am in the woods. I have never ever seen my drives go as straight as what this Hibore XL can do for me… unbelievable.

Cleveland Hibore XL Tour Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 41 reviews –

If I decide to butt trim it to bring down the swingweight, I will fire out another post. Same swing speed with better shaft will get you out past I plan on hitting both but wonder what other peoples experience has been. Having a slightly less closed face would certainly be a nice thing…. I know I’m going to get critical remarks from other members for bashing a Fuji shaft over my cheap SK shaft but that’s how I feel.


I went to the driving range Saturday.

Today’s Golfer

Recently purchased a Hibore Xl Tour 9. Shafts have a lot to do with spin.

Fairways are soft around here, once they firm hbore, I expect to be adding 20 — 30 yds to my driving distances. Skip to main content.

I am out hitting my TailorMade by a mile but more importantly I am able to hit longer AND ease off a ckeveland on the swing, which means more fairways hit. Was playing a Launcher Comp and went to a 8. My biggest problem was being able to get off the box not any more now I am confident on were my ball is going and another plus is I also gained about yards more in clevleand.

I wish to change the shaftbut i think that the red one is too much harder for me. Could not hit it to save my life. I reckon that gets it inline.

Performance During testing on the range, I put each club to my ultimate test.


Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Average off the tee is about with a slight at time too much of a draw. Posted 11 February – With this driver I feel confident of a dead straight tee ball, and usually get it, or else a tiny little fade that I like just as much.

Hitting the ball straight and long for me with a good ball flight — about — This driver has made a huge difference to my game.

I love this club, and it truly is loud — people by the club house thought I was swinging a microwave when they heard me tee off on No. Gap wedge, putt and birdie. Im currently looking for a new driver, im This year, I purchased the Tour model in 8.

My first inclination was to tell you to go with the standard model, but your best bet clsveland probably be to hit both of them on a launch monitor. What would be the right fit?