TEFT may, however, prove too volatile on installations with extremely high per-user traffic, or prove not very scalable on systems with extremely large user-bases. Used to train and test a corpus of ham and spam in maildir format. You can download SQLite from http: Specify an alternative log directory. Never use this on production builds! The ParseToHeaders option available in dspam.

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Create your beautiful portfolio website with Squarespace. The first is by using the Web UI, which allows them to retrain via the “History” tab.

DSPAM Project Homepage

Dspsm will need to select an alternative storage driver in order to upgrade. In general, MySQL is one of the faster solutions with a smaller storage footprint, and is well suited for both small and large-scale implementations. DSPAM can use one of many different backends to store its information, and you will need to decide on one and install the appropriate software before you can build DSPAM.

In the event that TEFT is proving ineffective, one of the other modes is recommended. Specifying an age of 0 will delete all signatures for the users processed.

If you want to get the classification for the GROUP, use the group name as the user instead of an individual. Sets the training loop buffering level.

Wherever –class is used, the source of the user-provided classification must also be provided. The signature is stored with each user’s own user id, and so not only does the incoming message have to bear a valid signature, but it also has to be stored on the system with the correct user id. For example, notspam-yourcompany-bob or something.


RPM resource dspam-mysql(x86-64)

The ParseToHeaders option available in dspam. Since DSPAM’s correct function relies primarily on having the correct permissions and mail server configuration, a test script fails to provide the level of testing required for such a package. By default, the parameters specified on the commandline will be used if any. The key to all mail-based retraining is the signature embedded in each email. Just point your MX at it and configure it to relay to your mail server.

If the signature is not present, the message will be rejected. For myqsl, the DSPAM core engine libdspam can be easily incorporated directly into applications for drop-in filtering DSPAM has been implemented on many large and small scale systems with the largest being reported at aboutmailboxes. An example of an alias might look like:. Use this if you wish to unlearn a previously learned message.

This means you’ll need a separate spam alias and notspam alias, if users are tagging mail for each user. I actually understand the purpose and content as a systems engineer without having to go learn mysql in depth to make this work.

It has clear steps, explaining to the user what everything does and on top of that you give the reasons, why or sdpam not a person should use this Dspam trademark and logo All copyright upto dsoam including 3.


In May Jonathan allowed the rights of the dspam to be acquired by Sensory Networks. Check the directory permissions of the directory. Debugging support itself doesn’t use up very many additional resources, so it should be safe to leave enabled on non-enterprise class systems.

Optimizing DSPAM + MySQL 4.1

DSPAM’s best recorded levels of accuracy have included The system log and user logs can fill ddspam fairly quickly, when all that’s really needed to generate graphs are the last two to three weeks of data.

If, however, a preference is found for the particular user those preferences will override the commandline. Also consider setting the dspam agent to setuid or setgid with the correct permissions. Enabling debug in configure only adds support for debug to be compiled in, it must still be activated using one of the myzql prescribed above.

If this is not the case, check the group permissions of the dspam agent as well as the permissions your MTA uses when piping to aliases.

This is usually daemon, mail, exim, etc.