Some uncommon fish that escaped my camera here were a pair of Virgate Rabbitfish. You can see from the water-pipe pictures that there is some bitty coral at the West end of the beach. The accommodation is in the South-East corner of the island. The big polystyrene buoy had these cute baby squid sheltering there. There is a water pipe running across the shortest stretch of the channel. Presumably this was good in the past, but the corals are all dead there now.

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These are updated a couple of times a year. When you first see one, you think you have discovered a new species. The swim back across to aircarx North Island felt like a looong way. Without human interference, the turtle stayed around for a few minutes before swimming off into the blue. And the Bluefin and Great Trevally were loving the little schoolers?

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Fkip means you can sometimes see them passing-by in Area 1f, as well. This little Butterflyfish is only found in the Andaman Sea. The coral and fishlife was reasonably good here. Or, if you are really lucky, you might find the winner of the local beauty pageant, the uncommon Picasso Triggerfish.



Previous problems wircard the food quality seem to have been fixed So how 185 this place get here and who uses it? Well, it turns out, I was wrong. Tanote C is good if you value convenience. So if you are going to swim it, you have to be out and back before then. The pair on this reef at G seemed to love a piece of green Brain Coral and kept returning there every minute or so.

You can see them in stark contrast on this Bluespine Unicornfish which is in the Surgeonfish family. These ones were extending their feathery tentacles every five seconds to collect any passing food particles; and then pulling them back into the shell for noshing.

Further along the beach, in the shallows, there were a few of these cute Banded Sleeper Goby. The overall bay is huge. There was one about m off the cape at 20c, so I headed out for a look around.

There are many different types of pipefish. Following a juvenile Longfin Batfish around for a picture.

I think ET, himself, must have aircrad on re-entry. The Southern headland had some reasonable coral growth on it: And this interesting looking Sea Cucumber, getting ready for mo-vember: The North East quadrant of Shark Island had some very good coral at depths from metres. Here are some tdac pictures from W8 to W9: As you emerge from consuming your grasshopper in the Elvis bar, you can go for a snorkel in the sheltered bay. It must have been over two metres long, with the tail.


When the tide is going out, the current runs aifcard East to West and is pretty strong. Underwater, the scenery is big rocks with some spots of varied coral: A new development in coral mortality was this patch of coral at 11k, which looked like it had been choked by algae growth.

As you get further into the bay, the sandy bottom comes up to meet you and the coral gets more patchy and akrcard healthy. There are a few concrete bungalows and about 40 tightly packed-in tents.


Other interesting fish include a passing Red Coral Grouper. Further out, the reef-proper starts.

Back on the East side of the current, this Pufferfish was cowering near a rock.