In the analytical application of this step, the point of maximum curvature may be selected by one of two possible methods. Finally, the center intersection of these two lines. Abstract A computerized, mathematical algorithm is described and presented for analyzing the semilogarithmic stress-strain time-independent properties of standard, controlled-gradient, and controlled-rate-of-strain consolidation tests. In contrast, the ordinary polynomials shown in Figure 5 The algorithm presented herein is a means of do not vary significantly in their fit to the same data automating the current, manual, graphical procedures to points shown in Figure 4. Combined Use of the Casagrande and Schmertmonn Constrnctions. It may be helpful polynomials on data groups that already admit a here for the reader to re-acquaint himself with the earlier reasonable amount of ambiguity into their curve description of the Graphical Method, with special representations. Help Center Find new research papers in:

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If these columns are left blank, a default value of 2. The effect of specimen disturbance the essential characteristics of this well known is not accounted for in the determination of the procedure. Finally, the center intersection of these two lines. BOUND2 is of no consequence if it is located elra into the steep portion of the compression curve. In essence, eltaa, graphical procedure to determine the his program determines the coefficients for preconsolidation presssure from the semilogarithmic onewdimensional compression and expansion by representation of time-independent, laboratory calculating the arithmetic slope between consecutive consolidation data.

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wlta These boundaries are especially useful in choosing the representative portions of the curve and avoiding the localized effects of poor data and undulations in the fitted curve. The calculation of this overburden pressure does not take into account the effects of the water table or layers of different materials.


Remember me on this computer. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. For data sets having less than 12 points, the maximum polynomial degree which can be used is equal to the number of data points minus I.

This curves for the fourth, fifth, and sixth degree polynomials consistency prlmarily reflects a lack of change in the in Figures 12a, b, and c, respectively.

In contrast, as the functional representation of the fit of the semilog representation of compression data.

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The Analytical Method is better suited to partial fulfillment of the requirements for the consolidation curves which have relatively well-defined Degree of Doctor of Phllosophy, October A ‘2’ placed in column 33 specifies that the analysis be performed in terms of vertical strain.

This algorithm is an automation of manual graphical procedures currently used in engineering practice to obtain stress-strain information necessary for use in time-independent settlement analysis.

The rational function using the ratio shapes or forms to be expected from elat given set of data. Figure 9 shows the best possible, a reasonable amount of ambiguity into the shape of the low-degree polynomial fit on Crawford’s “End of curve.

860 kind of choices are not possible when the user lacks knowledge of data1s appearance during the first computer run. Any vertical otrain analytlt 11 dou ucond. At low-degree nature of the compression curves and the determined polynomial fits, changes in the polynomial degree can values for P and CR.

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Detailed instructions are also program carmot analyze a data set which consists ouly contained in APPENDIX A along with a description of of compression curve data as shown in Figure O shown in Figure Visualization Input File PortEx. The incorporated into the program to carry out the Analytical Method uses the mathematical definition of analytical application of these constructions.


This in the section entitled “A Graphical Method to Select criterion for distinguishing between compression and Point of Maximum Curvature”. Title and Subtitle s. Add an additional card NOTE: The computer program has proven effective in the reduction and analysis of stress-strain data from more than 40 controlled and 30 standard consolidation tests.

In view of these on the quantity differences in simplicity and the indications of fit found in Figures 4 and 5, the benefits gained using a rational n p x ;cx.

This undulation two parameters are usually obtained when the highest in the fitted curve causes an upward displacement of polynomial degree of 11 is use. First, a given set of The data are input from punched cards using the consolidation test data must have both compression and format shown on the coding sheet forms in Figure 26a, rebound data as shown in Figure However, these types of rational functions still have the general characteristic of being too inflexible to satisfactorily describe some of the finer, yet essential!

Figures curving of the. The user specifies the type of Preconsolidation Load and Its Practical consolidation data being analyzed, the type of Significance, Proceedings, First International deformation analyses to be performed, and the method Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation to select the point of maximum curvature.

These cards describe the JCL necessary for a source deck run, object deck run, source deck run with production of an object deck, and a source or object deck run in which the plot output is suppressed.