This unit uses a refrigerant to cool down the laser. Epilog has improved thier instructions for alignment over the years, now it takes about a half hour or so after you’ve done it once. This page was last updated: Also shop in Also shop in. Rolling buffer allows files of any size 32 MB and larger to be engraved.

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This unit uses a refrigerant to cool down the laser. There is a vast inventory of Epilog lasers on eBay, making it easy for you to get in on the fun.

Skip to main content. Thanks for the replies! From plaques to glass photo frames, and even a marble gift box, this laser cutter allows you to project text and images onto many different materials.

Laser Cutting – nothing epolog to the quality of a laser cut on many materials. Epilog Laser Refine Results.

Sponsored Forums Private Forums Authors. Third, I would clean the encoders – there may be more than 1 that you can clean. Tech support has been able to work me through all problems through the years.


Next I would do eepilog thorough alignment. So – I would start with a good cleaning of the optics, all mirrors and the lens. Also shop in Also shop in.

Epilog Laser

This unit has an exhaust that you need to ho The software for windows seven is a free download from Epilog. Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. On the MDF, we noticed that the laser seems to be cutting at a slight angle, as the cut-lines aren’t straight up and down.

Vector color mapping links speed and power settings to any RGB settings. Just in, large 32×20 engraving area. Louis, MO Posts 12, Laser Engraving – find out how Epilog’s laser engravers can create beautiful engravings. USA 20mm FL 2. Also, when cutting circles, we were getting ovals with wavy edges that don’t have matching endpoints.

I’m not an expert on Epilog lasers, but I think you have several things going on.

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This page was last updated: Technical specifications of our Legend 32EX. Our reputation is very important to us. High-speed, continuous-loop, DC servo motors using linear encoder technology for epilpg positioning. It could be the table being out of level but I doubt it. When cutting vectors, the laser tends to skip entire lines.


For instance, A key-shape was missing the front epllog of the key teeth, as well as a few facets of the head-part of the design. These are pretty durable machine as well as user friendly. Store unlimited files up to 32 MB.

For engravers looking to work with large engraving pieces, the Epilog Helix is an ideal choice. Drop-down menus provide user control of all laser settings, calibration, and special features.