They’re supposed to use a simple serial port profile. Of course, as Murphy would have it since he CAN , I need it to work immdeiately and there’s no time and, and, and I did have to reset the Ergomo, though, before the PC would find it. I’m looking at Bluetooth GPS receivers. Ride more – work less.

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Definitely at quid a pop!

I Wear a Speedo. Where has your bike taken you today? I had it installed and put a hundred or so miles on it. We had the same problem with XP, and 95 when they came out, because the OS was different enough to require new drivers for most applications. In all probability the drivers aren’t available. So you must use a USB-to-serial-port adapter. Certain deals may last longer. The unit was installed on my race bike last night.

If that doesn’t work make sure the wires in the connector lead have not been damaged. I really think that there are pros and cons with all of these systems, and the one that I think is the best may not be the one that you think is the best. The installation of the driver was tricky, as Windows Update originally installed the wrong driver, and I had to uninstall and delete the files the device the first time — it appeared as some smart-card device or something.


Post 3 of 5 views. Mad Calf Disease Runners, calf strain? If the above doesn’t work then it may well be the serial to usb convertor that you are using. I wrote a small program called “SerialClient” that connects to a named socket that Parallels creates and passes the data through a Keyspan USB to serial adapter to an RS device.

Uzb Kespan USB serial adapter now works, but sadly, the serial device I am trying to use still has issues.

Maybe Parallels can use your nifty technology to make things work smoother with there software.

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New version posted that should fix a reported crasher when clearing the data log. Is there a driver for this adapter out there, or is there another USB-to-serial adapter that will work in x64? Felt IA 10 vs IA 1? They look like FSA’s, wouldn’t surprise me if they were. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.


I downloaded the x64 executable from FTDI http: Yes it is still available New generation ergomo pro users By bellasJune 21, in Training Hardware.

Yeah, it was a bit tricky setting things up, but now that I have it good to go, I’m very happy I upgraded. Another problem is that the download mechanism is a serial port.

I have working RS-232 serial…

PM me if you have any questions. Does usv Macbook Pro have it? It has a nice display, the lightest weight, records altitude, and has other goodies too.

Assuming Gwen doesn’t unretire? Post 3 of 5 views. Glute tightness and IT band issues 1 year anniversary of IT band syndrome!