I bought a Pebble but I would like to upgrade it with encoding option s. You can check if the update has been successful by sending the Rfv command or by opening the Dialog Box with the printer. During printing, if a card remains in the feeder or gets stuck in the middle of the printer, please check the following points:. Quality The recognized quality and reliability of our products and services. What should I do?

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White lines on the printed cards mean that the print head is unable to heat the ribbon in this zone: Make sure there is a color ribbon inside the pebbld.

What are the Pantone references of the blue, red and green monochrome ribbons? Join our mailing list and stay up-to-date on new bif, sales and promotions: Contact our support team. Contact your IT Manager for more information. The printer can be upgraded on site to support magnetic option encoding your Evolis vendor will assist you with the upgrade.

After these 30 days, you must provide a valid license key to continue using eMedia CS. License for eMedia Switching to a new PC, migration of the eMedia software environment Is there a programming guide available?


Looking for the Driver or Firmware for Your Evolis Pebble 4 ID Card Printer?

The upgrade can be done in the card designer itself when you are connected to the Internet. If you fail to observe this process, Evolis and Mediasoft Technologies will not be held liable for any damage incurred. Pebble 4 Firmware – v. If the colors on the printed card are too dark or too fade, the following points have to be checked:. Printers with a LPT port models before Pebble4 can be prbble via a print server. How can I launch a cleaning cycle?

Who should I contact? The white margins on the edges of the printed card can be reduced by changing the offset settings. Versatility Evolis’ flexible solutions to respond to our customers’ needs.

Drivers & Support | Evolis

The easiest way to visually determine if a stripe on a card is Hico peebble Loco is by checking the color of the stripe. This issue relates to the quality of the card. Pebble supports multiple encoding options: Check if the ribbon is not faulty replace it with a new one Are you using a genuine Evolis ribbon?

What type of magnetic data can be encoded? I cannot apply Hologram ribbon when using Pebble 4 My ribbon gets cut. Skip to main content. Contattate il nostro team di pebblee Assistenza Contatta il team di assistenza.


The color profile of your screen needs to be installed on your computer.

What is a half-panel ribbon? International expertise A focus on international sales that makes Evolis what it is today. How can I test if my magnetic encoding option is working correctly?

By using the Ethernet port provided as an optionthe printer can be linked to an IP or IP4-compatible network. The driver must be installed before the first use of the printer and must be compatible with the target operating system. Which software applications are compatible with Evolis printers? Eco-responsibility Evolis’ environmental policy at all levels of the company. Any product with the old serial number format eg: What is a Stt card and how can I print it?