But when I try to access that volume I get an error message “The disk in drive X: Flaming or offending other users. Setting this feature bit causes old Linux Kernels, which do not support huge files version prior 2. For people who are crazy enough to want to know how the driver works. Fixed bug that, on rare occasions, caused the driver to use an already freed file object on a non-buffered read or write access. If you choose the simple setup option, the huge file feature is disabled.

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On Linux everything works fine: All users can access all the directories and files of an Ext2 volume. If you do not have a kernel debugger you could try your luck with DebugView from www.

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This software is freeware. This section needs expansion. Thus, e2fsck will not find any error. User names are readable and passwords of these users can be quite easily cracked and modified!

Ext2 Installable File System For Windows

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you use large fonts you might not be able to see the “Step 1”, “Step 2” etc.


You need not run e2fsck. That registry key will have a registry value “Start”. Unfortunately, Windows XP does not create volume objects for Linux filesystems which means the new way does not work. Please read the FAQ sectiontoo. Supports block sizes up to 64KB.

I have written a custom install application which can install and configure the driver. These are pointed to the NT object which represents the partition which contains your EXT2 filesystem. All operations you would expect: Until I work out how to make the volumes, use the NT4 method. Fixed bug that prevented the ifsmount.

The Ext2 file system driver of the Ext2 IFS software will refuse mounting ex2 Ext3 file system which contains data in its journal, just like older Linux kernels which have no Ext3 support. Extract all the files into a directory like c: It works under a Free build of NT. It still shits me that there are so many ways in which things as simple as a directory listing can be done under NT.

Summary I only wish there was one of these for XFS. You may also consult the vendor of that software. You can not write files, add files, delete files etc. Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! The current version of the Ext2 file system driver does not maintain access rights.


Ext3 is backward-compatible to Ext2 – an Ext3 volume can be mounted and used as an Ext2 volume.

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There are some magic registry keys which are created which tell the Win32 subsystem to create some extra drive letters. UTF-8 encoded file names are supported.

After a clean dismount of the Ext3 file system, the journal is empty. The page size of the Linux Kernel is:. You can view directory listings and read files.

Fixed bug which could cause a blue screen on removing an external hot-pluggable drive, for instance, an external USB hard disk drive. It is for or more subdirectories within a directory.