When a memory full error occurs, delete all unnecessary data stored in the machine. If 0 is specified, outgoing e-mails will not be split. Check if the user name and password used for the POP3 server are set correctly. For more information, refer to the following. Changing The Default Time Settings

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Paper Supply Copying Features Paper Supply Use this feature to select the paper tray containing the paper required for the job. Check the status of the machine.

DocuCentre Fuji Xerox

Common Settings Common Settings Common Settings This screen allows you to configure or change the machine settings common to main features such as copy, fax, and scan to E-mail. Set a fax number for the forwarding destination. Click on the [Edit] button to configure.

Do not attempt to remove a paper jammed deeply inside the product, particularly a paper wrapped around a fuser or a heat roller. Status Status Status This page allows you to check the status of the paper trays, output trays, and consumables on the machine. Page of Go.

Document Jams Remove the jammed document slowly while holding the inner cover. For written permission, please contact openssl-core openssl.


Fuji Xerox DocuCentre 1085 User Manual

Jobs Jobs For more information about each functional fyji, refer to the following. When removing jammed paper, make sure that no bits of paper are left in the machine, since they could cause more jams or even fire. You can also send a PDF file directly to the machine for printing without using the print driver. Page 48 2 Product Overview This reduces the number of times you will need to press the button.

Dialing Characters Special characters used to enter the dial pause, etc. The [Print Meter Report] counts pages from the point where data has been initialized.

Start The E-mail Job Open the paper tray. The inner end of the document, when viewed from the control panel side, is processed as the head. Copying Features Paper Supply Use this feature to select the paper tray containing the paper required for the job. When reading this guide, refer to the chapter most relevant to the operation you are performing. Zone Name — Enter the EtherTalk zone name. Tray 5 bypass Tray Sort the output and remove white papers if they exist.

Terms Defined Dial Tone A tone sounds from the telephone line when a remote machine receives a call.

The contents are printed as a list with recipient names, fax numbers and F Code for fax, e-mail addresses for e-mail in numerical order of Speed Dial code. Ground Fault Interrupter gfi Index 14 Index Symbols accessing Page 13 Glossary Frame Type A group of data sent through the network. Xerlx can also use symbols as well as text ufji numbers.


Open Cover B while lifting up the release lever. Print Settings 9 Setups Print Settings This section describes how to specify settings for the printer feature. The available paper trays are displayed on the screen together with the media size and the orientation preset for each tray. Page 51 Copying Procedure Document Glass The document glass is used for a single page or bound document of mm for width and Inserting The New Toner Cartridge If the active tray runs out of paper when printing and remains untouched, or the tray is pulled out from the machine and remains out, the power saving feature does not operate.