Of course most bundeled games are usually not the best ones out there. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Positive since it gives the end user more functionality, negative since it raises the price and might make the product less competitive in that point of view. A current generation mid end card for dollars is surely a good deal in my opinion. Let’s take a good look at that box shall we: It can’t keep up with the Ultra at all, due to the lack of memory bandwidth to go around, but performance is certainly acceptable in x, a good resolution for playing if I do say so myself.

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We look at the amount and usefulness of included accessories and integrated features. Manufacturers often choose less popular or at least a bit older games simply because they are cheaper to bundle.

Gainward FX Ultra

In our 3Digest you can find full comparison characteristics for video cards of this and other classes. Matrox’ SharkMark program shows unfortunate vertex shader performance, not even able to keep up with the Ultra card. In our 3Digest you can find full comparison characteristics for video cards of this and gianward classes.

Some pretty nice results here. Gx FX is a midlevel accelerator which can soon fall down to the low-end sector because the production cost of such cards is not great, and almost all NVIDIA’s partners are engaged in production of such cards.


We takes a look at the functional and aesthetical design. All-in-all an impressive package for a mid-end product. The card ships in the retail package.

Even worse, some of these MB cards — Gainward has a plain MB model, for example — sell for a pretty high price. Perhaps its gaming performance will be better. The transistor count of the is 80 millions. VSync off, S3TC off in applications.

The manufacturers decided that they would make MHz cards later under another name, and started production of MHz cards. The peculiarity of this card is that the Golden Sample line includes cards with carefully selected chips and with faster than recommended memory.

Video 3Digests Video gaonward Since the Ultra has such higher clock speeds it maintains a large lead, and the is barely beating out the Ultra. You understand that and decide to wait a bit more First of all, you feel deceived.

Gainwadr left scratching my head about having MB of memory on these cards, though. Is the GeForce FX worth buying? Recently we reviewed PNY’s Ultra card, which, like all shipping Ultras, had increased clock speeds and other minor improvements over the reference board we had for testing. Cards used for comparison: Synthetic tests don’t give us too good an impression of Gainward’s card or of the GeForce FX non-ultra in general.

As you can see, this is not just a plain reference card repackaged with Gainward’s logo on the 500. We use Quake 3 1.


Gainward Ultra FX 5600 128 MB AGP 8x Video Card

FX is a solid performer with these new drivers. On the other hand this version is clocked a tad slower and of course ‘only’ has MB memory yet is using that excellent bit memory bus thus leaves heaps of memory bandwidth. One thing that I really liked with this product was the fact that Gainward stopped using thermal pads, instead they are using high quality thermal paste and the heatsinks are easy to detach without having annoying sticky “pad-goo” everywhere.

But then again, Gainward are likely to produce boards built on that revision in a near future too. The Ultra board ran at the same core speed as the Gainward card but with a higher memory clock; this doesn’t really mean much since the lacks the fancy compression gefoece that the CineFX core grants most of the FX chips.

Let’s hear what Gainward has to say about this: However the Intervideo WinCinema software package bundeled with the card supplies us gainard more than that. The GeForce4 Ti is in the same situation. The heatsinks are easily detachable and are using a good thermal compound.