As long as you are properly toggling ConvertibleSlateMode, no changes are necessary. Also check the Windows updates for any latest driver updates. I have the same question 8. New 16 Nov 5. Under Pen and Touch info, it reads “No pen or touch info is available for this display” and in the Device Manager, there are no drivers that I can find that reference Touchscreen.

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The APIs allows both Windows desktop applications and Universal Windows apps to query for the current interaction mode and respond to changes to the mode, as described here. The following table shows a few of the common errors that can occur, along with use cases that could cause them. Users also have the option to set the default response. The touchscreen on the laptop has always been iffy, but restarting has always fixed the problem. Using the presence of a Bluetooth keyboard as a tablet mode trigger is not supported.

If a user is not in “tablet mode”, but they remove their keyboard from the device, the touch keyboard will appear.

ASUS Touchscreen not functioning

Ondicator sent from the MITT board to the system under test is arranged in this pattern: Schematic of an output pin on the GPIO board. To set rotation lock to disabled and enable rotation by default: The title bars of Microsoft Store apps auto-hide to remove unnecessary chrome and let content shine through.


This option requires no OS understanding. Touch screen not working for Asus laptop Hope this would help.

Gpio Laptop Or Slate Indicator Driver Download

However, I would appreciate if you could answer a few questions to narrow down the issue in order to provide you with better assistance. If no value is specified, the default value is 1, where the system will be prompted to switch modes. Finally my PC got up to speed! Here are the possible values bit index values:. New 16 Nov 4. A zero value in the pgio mask indicates the button is not pressed during the time interval. Showing running apps – this suggests to people that they need to manage their running apps’ ot cycle.

Otherwise, the default is the last setting used.

If indiicator right click the start button, do you show a Mobility Center on the menu? You use the SignInMode setting to specify whether to set the display to tablet mode or to desktop mode after a user logs on.

GPIO Laptop or Slate Indicator Driver Drivers Download for Free | Driver Talent

Smaller values for the multiplier allows more precision, which requires you to create more lines in the data patterns to cover a timespan. Button and indicator lines: My Computer Computer Type: Wrappers; using namespace Microsoft:: A code sample for how a driver would use the injection interface can be found on the MSDN page here: Tablet mode never uses the presence of a keyboard USB, Bluetooth, etc.


Yes, it will change from the current design. Type troubleshooting in the search bar, click on troubleshooting. Windows does not support ignoring input from the built-in keyboard and touchpad when a convertible changes into a tablet.

When entering tablet mode, the Touch Keyboard button will be hidden. However, a key promise of tablet mode is that the user remains in control of their experience at all times, so these hardware transitions are surfaced through a toast prompt that must be confirmed by the user.

GPIO tests in MITT – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

Interval Value The interval value is a bit mask that indicates which button is pressed during the interval. You can use this as a trigger to optimize your app for the current interaction mode.

As per the issue description you are facing issue with touch screen on your ASUS laptop.