Anonymous November 14, at 8: But somehow when i want to install esxi the esxi install does not recognize my msata disk Crucial M Gb. Andreas Peetz March 22, at 6: Anonymous December 27, at At the end of the day I am just looking for some redundancy.

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We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. First upgrade vCenter, and then update ESXi hosts. May be you know where I can find a detailed information on how ESXi loads modules and why enabled modules can be unloaded after rebooot?

Looking for information on VMware product compatibility by version?

Could you please add: Hello Andreas, i have the same controller and installed this vib, but the controller doesnt appear on the hardware list for och10r In my lab host use GE adapter. Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

VMware VSAN In The Lab | ESX Virtualization

Feel free to network via Twitter vladan. OJ Yildirimer November 18, at 8: Keep speeding it up VMware!

If I can get all this working as I expect I plan on adding two more 4 TB drives to the server and setting the 4 drives up in Z2 array. Can someone help me please?


Visiting Indian Ocean and Reunion Island? You will need to press ALT-F1 and then type in install and press enter.

Do I only have to change the Class of the card from to or there is more to it? In the vsphere client the storage adapter is showing the controller as it should be: Andreas Peetz January 6, at 1: Anonymous November 29, at Any chance you can add 10de: I’ve found one or two reviews that had problems with it, but I think they were trying to pass through the entire onboard SATA controller and use the add-on card for datastores or something along those lines.

U2 sees it as an “unknown” storage adapter and U3 recognizes the chipset, but both versions are able to access datastores connected to it when VT-D is enabled and other devices are passed through to VMs. Thanks for your help! Anonymous November 30, at 2: Joined Jun 4, Messages Thanks It doesn’t use the driver resp. Dear Andreas Could you please add support for the following: Dmitry November 16, at 8: If I can configure nightly backups of all my VMs to another local disk that would be ideal.


Could you add please this: If the command lspci -v grep “Class ” -B 1 lists your controller with a name like vmhba0 or vmhba1 etc.

I have no idea why the disks attached to them do not show up. Thank you for doing this for us! But OK, I have some doubt that Asrock can do here something because as far ifh10r I see, it’s not their fault but the problem is linked to Marvell.

I wanted to say thank you and you’re doing a great service to the VMware community making ESX accessible on a wide range of hardware. Hi AndreasJohnny is my name. Is there any disadvantages to updating rather than installing cleanly?