Im looking for a version that you actually could copy your Kbps recordings to your computer. The hiss doesn’t increase with increase in volume, it’s a constant level hiss. You can’t post answers that contain an email address. To summarise, they are recalling all iFP series and iFP series in Korea because of this exact problem. I’m not denying your troubles, but it seems iRiver has fixed them by now. One review implied that there are settings for this. BeyerDynamic DTX – good quality and no hiss although they’re too big to wear in public!!

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Ability to record iRiver iFP audio when listening to radio stations. After using it for a fortnight I beg to differ: When this happens, sometimes I’ll press play and it will ask me if I want to delete a song. I did downgrade my player from irjver UMS version back to version 1.

It didn’t fall of as in fall off the player, it just became disconnected from whatever internal hardware it was supposed to be on. Randy, yes, the difference is only cosmetic – inside they’re both the same player with identical specs.

I can’t believe iriver just figures that no one will want to continue to use their product by omitting any updates for the IFP Contact Please send your comments, complaints, legal irlver or praise to this address Privacy Policy.


Why they cut back from K beats me! Johannes, you can find v1. The son of Giant [Offline] Group: Presence of a dictophone in iRiver iFP Eq would be nice, but due to all of the other features, I find it somewhat superfluous.

Is it iriver an i with the watery thing that runs through the countryside or irajver. Just bought iFP from BT. If you turn up the volume, the hiss will disappear into the music. I don’t expect the voice recorder to be exceptional – it’s just a useful function if I need to grab something quickly.

iRiver IFP-790/795/799 Firmware v.1.85 – UMS (rus)

I’ve tried it with 3 different headphones and I can notice it on all. My operate system is Windows XP. Or you can confirm it on the screen of remote when you power on the player.

The new one still won’t resume. Hey Stuart – mind if we use this fine site of yours to continue to put the heat on iRiver to fix the low ogg bitrate support and reboot problems?

IriverIfpPort < Main < Wiki

Hi, Im thinking of buying a iRiver MB player and i was wondering could I use an external microphone through the line in conection because i work in a radio station and need it for recording interviews. It was imported from Taiwan with 1. If you’re looking at buying an iriver, I would still recommend their products.


Really love the full sound also hear the zzoozzzeeeoo-sound sometimes and a little click between the tracks, itiver that’s not really annoying.

This is not background noise on the tracks themselves, as the hiss is audible as soon as the player is switched on, with nothing playing. Does anyone know if there will be any new firmware available in the near future that will fix this problem?

I can hear very loud electronic noise on background of voice recording mono, 96kbps. Noticed rightaway the recordings were very noisy compared to a sony minidisc. So I would open folders and move files around to get them in order. I have models and fw 1. It only develops this sloth-like state when loaded up with more than a dozen or so songs. Fixed the issue that didn’t play a line-in recorded file properly after adjusting playback speed.

I can also hear something funky when audio is being written to the disk, like when you save a voice recording. During the upgrade, the window below will pop up. Tell us some more!