See if that makes a difference. There is a good tutorial here: At the grub menu, highlight a menu item, and instead of pressing ‘return’ press ‘e’ for edit. Install the syslinux package, which includes extlinux: Anyone has made these worked? Getting the SC3 to Boot: Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility.

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The default, bytes, is way too slow. Also, when I tried the Ubuntu-mobile Menlow image, it overwrote my windows XP partitions, should have looked a little closer before installing oops so chainloading from windows won’t work either The reason for dd or alike is because the recovery partition is usually launched through hidden vendor code embedded in the sectors after the MBR.

Relatedly, I don’t have an external disk. Ofcourse we could all be wrong and the problem might be with grub legacy which as we all know is badly unmaintained. Which for some reason is not supported in Intrepid. I think the original problem blank sceen, blinking cursor is most probably due to a buggy bios as kohjinxha have speculated.

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Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. Then mount the fat32 partition and create the file syslinux. Intel GMA – 5. So, if anyone else has had luck with mint please say so and I’ll just go that route to begin with I had my Kohjinsha SH8 for over a year now, kohjinsja running vista fine.


Grub chainloads kohjinhsa and syslinux in turn chainloads grub back again. Just make sure you add the following to your xorg.

It drives the video, IDE, etc. When Win 7 first came out as the beta version i upgraded vista and everything worked fine.

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Harddisk Dear all, Anyone have a good working Kohjinsha harddisk to spare One can get wireless to work without flaw. Assuming hd0,0 was our original partition with the grub files, we embed grub legacy into the MBR with these commands.

So, let me dh8 this in one post Does anyone know if this is an Ubuntu bug or a Grub bug? Always knew that patching grub legacy was useless ‘cos its going to be throwaway once grub2 replaces it anyway. I’ve had some trouble outputting to an external display and had to mess around with wireless, but I’ve had it working months now no problems.

The kohjinsha has a Webcam on it, and some button to rotate the screen and shutter button to switch on the camera. Wlan and Video Drivers. Not sure if everyone knows that grub2 is the solution to the original booting problem – blank screen, blinking cursor.


Apparently there is not a 3D driver in Jaunty yet What do you think? Use grub2 and instructions off of page 3 Wireless: Try doing a scan with the HDD manufacturer’s utility.

Anybody knows the solution? I’m not sure what MS has changed but it seems to work better to me.

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On the sc3, I have noticed, blocksize of 1M,2M,4M give faster backups. The video corruption goes away if I turn off Compiz. This is kohjijsha upside.