Kind regards Thomas Jansson. But if the router is configured to WEP, or no encryption, X31 can connect without problem. I have just installed Hardy Heron 8. Sun May 16, The upgrade installed the 2. As a result, the kernel team would appreciate it if you could please test this newer 2. Sep 27, Posts:

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I’ll probably buy these things next week sometime. Mon May 17, 1: Where can I find that Phillips card?

Cisco Aironet Wireless b – ThinkWiki

There are one of two ways you should be able to test:. Spent most of that time trying to fix problems ‘Painfully Slow to Ciscl was the first problem swapfile solution applied.

I wonder if the ubuntu image will be correct for this hardware Adam Buchbinder adam-buchbinder wrote on The BIOS has a white list for what will work and it won’t boot if you put something else in there. Ola Lindberg olalindberg wrote on I’m not even sure what kind I need to get Sat May 15, 5: Warning on IBM thinkPads and wireless On 22 Feb3: Hi, I bypassed the problem in a crude way.


Wireless on IBM Thinkpad X31 Hi all, ive been cracking at this for days now, can’t get wireless to work on my ibm thinkpad x31, the wireless card is Cisco Aironet Wireless So, the airo driver works perfectly now and the boot process is smooth as usual. I think the screw I used was one of the smaller variety lihux those that come with hard drives and ROM drives.

I just forgot to post it before! After fiddling about with modprobe, airo.

Posting from my new IBM Thinkpad X31! (pics!)

I had failed to google a solution that worked or made any senseuntil I stumbled upon the AES edit to the modules. Sat May 15, 3: I observe the same symptom in the Debian experimental 2.

The phillips drivers aren’t stable yet, and neither are the intel ones. In addition there is a slightly dated ‘mpi’ driver available from Cisco after jumping through a bunch of hoops, such as providing Cisco with your personal information.

Message 6 of 8. It was a prize in a programming competition We hates you! Cisco Aironet Wireless You should file a new bug report. We are closing this bug report because it has not been updated for some time.


Solved: X 31 Cisco b wireless will not connect to WPA2 – Lenovo Community

I’m unable to attempt to backport the fix to Hardy without doing a git bisect on a tree that contains at least one bad and at least one good version. Oct 31, Posts: I linjx powered down and when I next powered up, wireless was working again.

Dec 1, Posts: Now booting up using either one doesn’t solve the problem. It doesn’t exhibit the long boot up time associated with the previous bug. Edited file as suggested, re-booted, and Hey presto, quicker boot, sound at last, and ‘Enable wireless’ has finally appeared in the Network Control menu.