This condition indicates a receive timeout. These commands are used to retrieve and set the value of application properties. Changing these properties is not advisable unless the card you are operating is non-standard. The response contains the result of the requested operation. This property is used to control the magnetic stripe read direction. This status could be returned even though erasure did not occur.

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Accessories, Related documents – MagTek SWIPE & PARK User Manual

Memory Card Support P2 is mc; address where the write will start Lc is the number of bytes to write. The steps are as follows: This property is used control notification messages sent in response to a transport indicator changing from a 1 to a 0 state. This property is used to control notification messages sent in response to a transport indicator changing from a 0 to a 1 state. Page 25 Section 4.

Software accessories, Related documents | MagTek IntelliStripe User Manual | Page 8 / 20

A compact footprint, rugged design and low audible noise make it a perfect magttek for motorised card issuance at financial institutions, schools, business, and government environments. Not all device applications support these commands.

Note that some versions of this reader can only read track 2 for this format. Page 21 Section 4. There should no longer be any cards in circulation that use this format.


This application deals with smart card communications. The response contains the result of the requested operation. Code Hex Meaning 00 Success, the command completed without problems 01 Failure, the command was not able to complete, see CondRpt property for details.

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Single card slot design simplifies user interface and removes the human-error element ensuring quality magstripe and smart card encoding. This option will simply run the mpc in the eject direction for a fixed time period that would normally drive a card out of the device.

Page 8 IntelliStripe Command Reference Responses are the messages sent as a reply to mdp previously sent request. This property is used to get the devices model number. Details of these commands are described in the Generic command section of this document. Send me product updates and important information via email.

This property gives a detailed analysis of the ATR as received from the card. Page 29 Section 4. This property is used to enable and mpc card auto consuming.

Support is also provided for many popular memory cards including: Criteria for treating abnormal situations may change from application to application. Parity Error in received data. This command attempts to consume a card into the transport to a position where smart card communications can magtel and magnetic stripe reading is complete. Page 13 Section 2. This command is used to get decoded information related to a magnetic stripe read for a single track.


This property enables or disables the MCP error recovery feature.

MAGTEK | IntelliStripe – Motorised Card Encoder Magnetic Stripe Smart Card

None Response Message Result Codes: Connector 0 is the User Connector, and is used by default when the system starts. This application deals with host communications.

This property is used to get the devices software ID. If we write the bytes 33 22 11 to a card at address 72, the card will end up with the following bit pattern on the card: This application deals with decoding and presenting magnetic stripe card data.

Op Code one byteBlock one byte Data Response structure: General Properties used by the whole application.