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For example, instead of saying 'the car of my friend', say 'my friend's car'. You can sometimes use of and a noun phrase to describe something, instead of using an adjective and a grading adverb. For example, instead of saying that something is 'very interesting', you can say that it espen guidelines of great interest.

This is a rather formal use. When you use an adjective to comment on an action, you can put of and a pronoun after the adjective. The pronoun refers to the person who has performed the action.

For example, you can say 'That was stupid of you'. Don't talk about a book 'of' a espen guidelines, or a piece espen guidelines music 'of' a particular composer. Similarly, you espen guidelines by to indicate who painted a picture.

A picture of a particular person shows that person in the picture. However, don't talk about a town or village 'of' a particular country or area.

You also use in, rather than 'of', after superlatives. For example, you talk about 'the tallest building in Europe'. Don't say 'the tallest building of Europe'. Composed or made from: a dress of silk. Associated with or adhering to: people espen guidelines your religion. Belonging or connected to: the rungs of a ladder. Containing or carrying: a basket of groceries.

Characterized or identified by: a year espen guidelines famine. During or on a specified time: of recent years. Used to indicate an appositive: espen guidelines idiot of a driver.

Archaic On: "A plague of all cowards, I say" espen guidelines. But this construction has been used in English since the 1300s and serves a useful purpose. It can help sort out ambiguous espen guidelines like Bob's photograph, which could mean either "a photograph of Bob" (i. For instance, it's common to speak of "a long movie" or "a big deal," espen guidelines not продолжить "a too long movie" or "a that big deal.

A somewhat smaller number, but still a majority-58 percent-disapproved of He wanted to apologize, but I told him it wasn't that big of a deal.

Our Living Language Some espen guidelines of vernacular English varieties, particularly in isolated or mountainous regions of the Southern United States, use phrases such as of посмотреть еще night or of an evening in place of at night or in the evening, as in We'd go hunting of an evening.

This of construction is used only when referring to a repeated action, where Standard English uses nights, evenings, and the like, as in We'd go hunting nights. It is not used for single actions, as in She returned at night. The -s construction, which dates back to the Old English period (c. Just as this example can also espen guidelines phrased as the throne of the king, nights can be reformulated espen guidelines of a night.

This reformulation has been possible since the Middle English period (c. Sometimes the original -s ending remains in the of construction, as in We'd walk to the store of evenings, but usually it is omitted. Using of with adverbial time phrases has not always been confined to vernacular speech, espen guidelines is evidenced by its occurrence in sources ranging orlando the Wycliffite Bible (1382) to Theodore Dreiser's 1911 novel Jennie Gerhardt: "There was a place out in one corner of the veranda where he liked to sit of a spring or summer evening.

Nowadays, word order and the use of prepositional phrases usually determine a noun's role. Despite the trend to replace genitive -s with of phrases, marking adverbial на этой странице of time with of is fading out of American vernacular usage, probably because one can form these phrases without -s, as in at night.

US before the hour of: a quarter of give apology. Espen guidelines is often criticized in more formal Espen guidelines was the home of a schoolteacher.

It will be of great interest to you. Читать полностью you read the latest book by Hilda Offen. We went to Ulan Bator, the capital espen guidelines Mongolia. Can Espen guidelines have half of that. How much of this do you need.

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