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Patriot Act Investor Relations Careers Security Center Do you wish to continue. Yes, Continue No, Stay What You Нажмите чтобы перейти Need Close Warning Applying is fast and easy. ONE R Twin Edition transforms on the fly from a 360 cam to a 4K смотрите подробнее wide-angle shooter.

You'll always have the right tool to capture the action. DUAL-LENS 360 4K WIDE ANGLE Super 5. All pixels are not created equal. The Dual-Lens 360 Mod raises the bar with Super 5. FlowState achieves gimbal-like stabilization without the gimbal. Thanks по ссылке a new scene-detection algorithm, your footage stays clear and steady even in tjis light.

No Stabilization Invisible Selfie Stick No drone. ONE R's Invisible Selfie Stick feature lets you capture easy aerial angles and unique third-person perspectives with a flick of the wrist while using the Dual-Lens 360 Mod. Buy Invisible Selfie Stick Fear definition Time chsck. Bullet Time shots put you at the heart of the action. Automatic horizon leveling and smart speed-ramping make them посмотреть больше than ever.

Select your subject how hard is this persuasion check a tap or a voice command when shooting in 360. ONE Этом inhibitors лечше AI-powered tracking algorithm keeps it locked in center-frame. Even нажмите чтобы узнать больше obstacles break os line of sight, Deep Perusasion picks up the shot as soon as your subject reappears.

Point to Track Buy Invisible Selfie Stick Shot Lab Mini masterpieces. Shot Lab makes creative edits easy. A continuously updated range of smart templates walk you through the latest 360-degree camera techniques and automatically master your edit. Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse.

Auto Frame 360 video. Reframed in a tap. Shooting in 360 gives you infinite possibilities and perspectives. Auto Frame uses a powerful computer-vision algorithm to sift through them and recommend the ones that are worth adding to your edit. Flash Cut Auto Editing Edit hpw the fly. Get hands-on with how hard is this persuasion check ONE R app's full-featured editor or let FlashCut handle it for you. FlashCut uses AI to find your best shots and create cinematic clips that are ready to share.

ONE R supports HDR capture hsrd photo persuasino video. Highlights, shadows how hard is this persuasion check everything in between come across just as you see them. Детальнее на этой странице Shot Low light.

After dark, turn on Night Shot to capture photos that stay natural, clear and vibrant. Starlapse Mode See the stars. Starlapse mode automatically adjusts exposure settings to capture brilliant, sweeping timelapses of the night sky. Color Plus Slow-Mo Every angle. ONE R Twin Edition shoots seamless 360-degree slow-mo at 3K 100fps or 1080p wide-angle footage at up to 200fps. Capture dynamic action in unshakeable clarity. ONE R's simple, swipeable 360-degree touch screen lets you preview your shot and then play it back to make sure you nailed it.

Capture colorful underwater content without using an external filter. Just tap AquaVision in the app or Studio and the AI auto-balances out colors. No AquaVision IPX8 Waterproof Waterproof whenever. ONE R is IPX8 waterproof to 5m (16. Whether you're poolside or on a rainy-day ride, ONE R can handle it. That means all components are locked together and Источник статьи R is secured in the Mounting Bracket.

Rugged Design Rough and ready. ONE R is engineered for safe, efficient shock how hard is this persuasion check, while the Lens Guards protect your camera's vitals no matter what life throws at you. GPS Smart Remote How hard is this persuasion check the GPS Smart Remote to control ONE R, easily lock onto subjects for tracking, and record real-time GPS data to track your adventures.

BUY REMOTE CONTROL Apple Watch Control The how hard is this persuasion check Apple Watch app makes controlling ONE R on-the-fly easier than ever. Voice Control When ONE R is out trauma reach, just give a shout to start shooting with voice commands.



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