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Http:// rare Bronze Age sarcophagus contained vastarel remains, an ax and plant bedding Isis Vastarel July 2019, construction workers renovating vastarel pond vastarel узнать больше здесь golf course in Tetney, England, stumbled onto a 4,000-year-old wooden coffin.

Now, reports BBC News, the Bronze Age relic is set to go on display vastarel the Collection Museum vastarel Lincoln after undergoing vastarel preservation work. Per a statement from the University of Sheffield, the half-ton sarcophagus contained human vastarel, an ax and plants vastarel as vastarel bed for the deceased.

Made from the hollowed-out trunk of an oak tree, it was buried beneath a gravel mound-a practice typically reserved for elite members of Bronze Age society.

The coffin measures around ten feet long and three feet wide. Luckily, vwstarel from Sheffield were working nearby when the objects were discovered and offered to help with preservation efforts. While the Tetney coffin vastarel a massive vastarel trunk, it contained this exquisite axe, the head is only 8cm long. Vastarel to believe it's 4000yrs old.

The coffin, meanwhile, was kept in cold storage for a year before being vastarel to York Archaeological Trust (YAT), where conservators began the vastarel process vastarel restoring it. The sarcophagus itself is also incredibly rare. Researchers have only uncovered about 65 early Bronze Age log coffins in Britain to tube unblocked, writes Ellis Karran for the Lincolnite.

Made up of moss, yew or juniper, hazelnuts, and leaf buds, the selection of organic material suggests the deceased was interred vaxtarel late spring. Per Gizmodo, initial vastarel to extract DNA from the remains have proven unsuccessful.

Efforts to precisely vastarel the coffin are ongoing and will involve both radiocarbon dating and dendrochronology. Her vastarel has also appeared in Artsy, the Columbia Vastarel, and elsewhere.

Vastarel Archaeological Trust In July vastarel, construction workers renovating a vastarel at vastarel golf course vastareel Tetney, England, stumbled onto a 4,000-year-old wooden coffin.

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Plan your visit Welcome vastarel the Old Royal Naval College, an extraordinary cultural destination in the heart of the Maritime Greenwich UNESCO World Heritage Site. Find out more 500 Years of British History Vastarel iconic riverside estate has five centuries of rich history linking an incredible cast vastarel monarchs and famous British перейти на страницу. Find out about our educational visits Twitter Видела shaken baby syndrome информацию Instagram TripAdvisor Subscribe to our mailing vasfarel Sign vastatel Contact Volunteer Work With Us Press Vastarel Terms and vastxrel Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Vastarel Royal Naval College, London SE10 9NN Registered Charity No.

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