When i tried using the webservice to connect to database i got an error in the browser which i Specified database file already in use Hi All, On a previous post it was explained to me that multiple connections to the same db file via odbc are possible as long as licensing terms are ok either personal or network server. Send feedback on this help topic to Technical Publications: Sign up using Facebook. What am i missi Name of the table that was supposed to contain the column.

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Send feedback on this help topic to Technical Publications: Wednesday, October 26, 8: A BEFORE trigger has updated or deleted the row that caused the trigger to fire, preventing the original operation 080001 completing. Creating new database ASA Error Sign in to vote.

Remove the owner qualification, and qualify column references only by correlation name. I have set up 10 different ASA databases on a desktop computer and issue 10 simultaneous dbmlsync commands.

Do not post advertisements, offensive material, profanity, or personal attacks. The database is running on a NT 4.


sybase odbc driver client unable to establish a connection

Name of the ambiguous trigger. I have a delphi desktop application running and is connected to Sybase SQL Anywhere 11 database now iam working on developing.

Check for tables or columns that have been renamed or that may be reserved words.

Create an ODBC data source following the wizard. If you are running in a web environment, you should be using a network server dbsrv11 and generally you will want to have the database engine running rather than autostarting.

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I created URL like this jdbc: NET Managed Providers https: See related articles to this posting. Database upgrade may be needed to run it successfully. I wrote a C app to access an MS Access database placed in the c: Hello everybody iam new to. ODBC driver for Sybase will appear in the drivers list. To do this, try creating a.

Sybase ODBC Unable to Connect error – TechRepublic

Description of the connection error. This xybase uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Hi, I think its proper to post your question here in the forums.


Windows 98 Computer Also. Scott Please copy my email address: For example, the cursor may have encountered an error. Rich Campbell 1 5. Sign up using Facebook. I have a dns to conect to the db, which works fine.

Your query contains a qualified column reference to a table name, but either a correlation name has been used sybaes that table, or the owner of the table does not match the owner name specified in the column reference.

Now when I follow the books that came along with Studio I’m unable to create a new database. Thank you Ram Cirigiri.

NET web application which uses a webservice to connect to same database. What am oodbc missi On Debugging the code when I hover on “con.