Is somebody knowing other ogg player or a plugin for default Nokia player? How’s the experience with the ? I’m having the newest update v. At least, my bluetooth dongle works well with it. And for people failing with MTP, use disk mode: Hi t0n1, glad to hear about Google Sync. Hey dudes, The time change does nothing:

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It seems to work but once disconnected the playlists don’t appear on the phone. Now I don’t know what is broken On my system it seems to work like that. I’m having the newest update v. D Thanks a lot Victor. You can use recmuco http: Thanks for marking this as the answer.

mtp device driver installation on nokia fails – Microsoft Community

Hope it helps others. But I have seen quite a lot of that error message in nautilus lately.

FWIW libmtp is 0. How satisfied are you with this 58800 Hey dudes, The time change does nothing: You don’t want the phone to run out of battery power while updating. All those little inconveniences in the UI, in the software, etc are getting to me. I’ve had my eye on the for a while now.


I got XP SP3. I would like to find a fix to my bluetooth issue. Devixe tried to remove the SD card but than I’ve got a message on the phone that SD card is missing and phone wasn’t connecting either.

Umax – USB Driver

Does anyone know a way to control ubuntu with using bluetooth. I have minimal database experience, so i’m not sure what can be done with it at this point.

I have had no issues with rhythmbox putting music on the phone, but it does have some quirks. Which is understandable, everyone is pushing their own services. You cannot use it to make playlists or transfer playlists.

Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver

No luck getting MTP working yet, and NetworkManager dies horribly when trying to use it as a modem, but otherwise pretty happy! Hi bbldox, thanks for the replies: Also, camera shutter sounds! Well, the sooner I tell it doesn’t work the fastest it gets to work. As for buying a new phone–Nokia’s announced the http: I had the MTP issue almost from the get go.


I can’t test it though, I’m out of the country. But I think that putty could be adapted to the touch interface in Symbian S60 5th.

The pictures are automatically transfer in the picture folder and I have to set them manually. You can disable it by turning sound completely off i.

On my Ubuntu Jaunty install it doesn’t even show up in mtp-detect in media transfer mode, but kinda works in PC Suite mode though. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.