Clicking the blue IO icon and then clicking Exit causes a dialog box to appear that asks you if you want to terminate the Agilent IO Control. However, two or more System Controllers on the same bus will cause the bus to be inoperative. Interactive IO allows you to manually verify communication and send specific commands to your instruments. Table 1 shows the general environment It’s like having the store come to you! New computers may have a newer BIOS available.

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Start the Windows Device Manager as follows: If the radio or European Directives, and complies with the essential requirements of the following applicable television reception does not carries agileny CE marking accordingly: In general, any x86 or x64 except Itanium should work but there may be a decrease in performance.

When installing a new system BIOS: It also has an embedded analyzer with bidirectional data capture and analysis. Polling mode is advantageous for transferring a small number of bytes because the setup overhead is very low, but it does require CPU involvement for each byte transferred. Remove the card from its anti- static bag and record the Serial Number for future reference. Super VGA x colors or more Browser: If you choose not to reboot immediately, Connection Expert will display a warning icon reboot.


Keysight PCI GPIB Interface C

Connect a separate GPIB cable to each installed There are two ways that the blue IO icon can be hidden: Then, click the OK button. Leave the card in its anti-static bag until you are ready to install the card. Please note that any additional items included with this equipment such as accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, etc.

Agilent Technologies b Pci Gpib 2.

Remove one of the PC back panel cover plates. Never touch any other part of the card. The label contains 24 characters, with the last 8 characters plus US being the Serial Number. Remove power from the PC and from all of its peripherals. Handle the card ONLY by the sheet metal frame or by the card edges.

It calls attention to an operating procedure, practice, or the like that, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in personal injury or death. Replace the PC cover s as described in your PC documentation. Not just a picture from the manufacturer’s website, but the actual piece of equipment you would receive.


Try to force the Agilent driver to be installed earlier in the ISR chain. Connect to GPIB port on instrument.

Technical Support

Beginning with IO Libraries Suite If you have installed more than one in your PC, repeat these steps for the remaining cards. The screwdriver slots are for removal purposes only. The label contains 24 characters, with the last 8 characters plus US techjologies the Serial Number.

The following table shows the contents of this guide.

Specify the driver file C: You must reboot after changing the value to test it. Since Device Manager may have disabled the device, click Enable to restart the To reduce the risk of damaging theonly handle the card by the sheet metal frame or by its edges.

Sprechen Sie mit einem Experten. Make sure all devices sharing an IRQ with your card have drivers installed.