Make sure the Mute button on the Yeti is solid red and not blinking, then press the Record button on Audacity. How can I select a different sample rate? The Driver for my PreSonus Firestudio’s pre-mix mixer off the firewire -from all the “ins” worked great BUT a newer ‘bug fix’ lol what bug? Replacement Parts Check out our selection of replacement parts for Yeti, Snowball and other Blue products. I will say that after attempting to switch mics and disabling the Snowball, same issue came back, but following what I did above, still brings the mic back without the need to reboot. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

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I hear the notification of a device being plugged in, and then nothing else happens.

Blue microphones are excellent for their price you just choose not the best for the application. Also check that the status nsowflake is illuminated.

I have a Blue Spark in my collection, a constant collaborator of mine has a Blue Bird, and Purple in his. I tried to set up the mic on a different computer, with the same problem. snpwflake

Blue Snowball USB Microphone doesn’t work after upgrading to Win10

I had the same issue. My advice would be to exchange it for a normal microphone the Blue Spark and get a proper audio interface UR12 by Steinberg starts at 99 USD with microphone preamps.


Hopefully this works for you. Yes it should and it does function like the laptop mic, but I think that just complicates your setup. They do have adapters for that, and I think that will solve your problem honestly; though you may have some loss in quality using an adapter.

It picks up every tap I make. FoxyFazbear Replied on May 1, Then just re-enable the ONE audio input device that you want to use. Here is a screenshot with everything disabled except for the Blue Snowflame, which is set to default. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

Sat Jul 16, The following is what I know about the problem: The THX microphone certification program helped establish the audio input performance standard for which the best-selling Yeti microphone family is known.

Hello all, I received a Blue Snowball USB mic please reserve your criticisms, I know this isn’t exactly quality, budget was the main factor here for Christmas this year intending to use it to start asoo home recording, mostly covers and scratch tracks for original material.

RatedM Replied on September 18, Use your mic just like you would use your guitar. I am confused here. I looked for a Blue forum as Carl suggested, but it doesn’t seem one exists. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.


Blue – Yeti Support

I am fairly confused here, so any additional input would be much appreciated. Yeti Stereo Microphone, press OK. This is windows though, if you use mac there’s probably another way. Mu interface only accepts the typical guitar cable input, not USB. I’m glad you figured it out.

It gives you the flexibility and versatility to capture all sorts of projects in stunning sound quality. It works, sometimes, but it is just bad practice. As there are so many different software packages that are compatible with the Yeti, we suggest consulting your software’s manual, user forums ble technical help lines.

Blue Snowflake Mic Problems

Oh, and I definitely at some point will be picking up the 57 and 58 mics. The youtuber describes the same problem snowvlake his Blue Snowball mic.

Proper audio interfaces have better driver better performance and stabilitybetter preamps snowflaoe better sound from the microphone and you can adjust gain, they also integrate better with audio software as Live.