The following instructions are for installing the NetWare Server 6. LAN driver must be version 2. If you make changes and do not reboot, you may experience configuration problems. Go directly to Acer Netxus’ technical support website. Choose Continue from Protocol Options unless you want to configure and bind protocols before continuing. Allows an input Ethernet node address to replace the adapter factory-programmed Ethernet node address until a subsequent reboot. The following instructions are for installing Novell NetWare Server 5.

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LAN 6.

For optimum fault tolerance and recovery operations, BASP. The default selection is SLB. Duplicate node address with B57 NIC – http: This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic should be load-balanced and fault-tolerant. If you change the name of this server, you must update all the licenses that are assigned to broadckm server.

The latest support packs can be found at: The BASP configuration procedure also applies when you are adding an adapter by hot plugging. The physical adapters must be configured with the same frame types as the virtual team.


I found it posted to the Dell support site for the servers. LAN 8.

NetWare Driver Software: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Adapter User’s Guide

Jumbo Frames are supported in all balance modes. Install the NetWare 5 support pack after you have successfully installed the operating system on the server.

For new installs of NetWare with the latest drivers, you must create a C: NetWare Core Driver Software.

These features are provided by creating teams virtual adapters that consist of multiple NIC interfaces. It is important to have the switch and adapter set properly.

Allows an input Ethernet node address to replace the adapter factory-programmed Ethernet node address until a subsequent reboot. LACP defaults to nftware for all adapters in the team. There is a Q Configuration Properties for the B Outbound packets are tagged with VLAN ID 2, and only similarly-tagged packets can be received by the adapters on the team. Balance Modes and Limitations. LAN 7. Go directly to 3Com’s technical support website. This screen displays all virtual adapter settings and statistics.

LAN driver and create a team by binding the adapter to the virtual slot see the following instructions and examples. By accessing this file, you can view and modify properties or add properties for each network adapter.


Trunking mode must be statically configured on the switch ports that broadvom connected to the team.

Duplicate MAC Addresses and UDP issues with Broadcom B57 and Q57 Cards

The following is an example for a system with 8 ports installed: Go directly to Marvell’s technical support website. Be sure to load the NIC drivers with hardware checksums enabled. If you are installing NetWare 5. Standby negware will take over in the event that all primary interfaces have lost their links.

The latest support pack can be found at: Removing Drivers from Autoexec. Same with B57 drivers.