There is no drop database command. The first part of the program sets up the JDBC protocol and properties to be used for connecting to a Cloudscape database. Scrolling back through Connection Wizard screens turned up no bogus information, so I clicked Finish a second time. For applications such as mobile computing, developers need to trade features for ease of administration and a smaller footprint. SQL language support includes the following:. The way you specify an absolute path is defined by the host operating system see java.

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Cloudscape databases live in a systemwhich includes system-wide properties, an error log, and one or more databases. After that, it grows eight pages at a time. Derby is a lightweight, embeddable embedred engine in the form of a Java class library.

Preconfigured JDBC Drivers

For more information, see the Cloudscape Server and Administration Guide. Beginning with Version 3. In addition, the Java methods run with a Java 2 security manager and will only have permissions defined by the policy file.

All threads that access the database do so through the database engine. A rather weak encryption algorithm, DES, is the default but you can specify what algorithm to use. LOG in the system directory, although you can also have Cloudscape send messages to a stream, using a property.

To identify database users and passwords with Cloudscape 10, you can set command-line properties or use a properties file. Understanding the Cloudscape system is essential to successful development and deployment of Cloudscape applications.


Driver Normally, the driver is part of the Weblogic installation. Many SQL database administrators use groups and roles for the purpose of defining who can access what data. To start browsing, the Connection Wizard of the Database Explorer Figure 1 walks you through several screens that prompt for information required for a database connection. No data exists in clear-text form in the database files. Defining the System Directory You define the system directory when Cloudscape starts up by specifying a Java system property called cloudscape.

Once connected to, such a database becomes a part of the Cloudscape system, even though it is not in the system directory. Cloudscape recommends that you work with database-level properties wherever possible.

e,bedded The number of databases running in a Cloudscape system is limited only by the amount of memory available in the JVM. Booting a database means that Cloudscape checks to see if recovery needs to be run on a database. The Information Error Log Once you create or connect to a database within a system, Cloudscape begins outputting information and error messages, if any.

Java, SQL, Cloudscape, and Derby

Many webmasters use SQL to store message threads from online discussions and to cache site statistics as HTML instead of dynamically generating the data each time. A Cloudscape database also stores its own configuration information. Cloudscape provides row-level locking, support for the Jdbd character set, and transaction processing with ANSI Standard isolation levels for concurrency control.


This means that rather than running as a separate process, the database engine software can be part embeddded the application so that the application and the database engine run in the same JVM. You can also specify the encryption algorithm and provider for encrypted databases.

Create indexes on small columns that provide a quick look-up to larger, unwieldy data in the row.

Preconfigured JDBC Drivers | Documentation

That driver is part of the db2 express installation, which you can download from the official web site. It also provides binary and character objects blob, clobbut not user-defined types. In an embedded environment, embsdded the driver also starts Cloudscape. This file is not automatically created; you should create it yourself.

Derby supports a simple, built-in mode for maintaining an internal list of authorized users. Is this page helpful? An example use of the database connection URL: IBM also donated Cloudscape to the Apache Software Foundation to launch the Derby project, thereby ensuring that the source code and binaries are freely available.