Here’s the part that I really don’t understand. I wasted a good amount of time on that one trying to figure it out Hope this isn’t too confusing and is of some help. Watton, Norfolk, UK Status: Saves having to use the octave shift to get into finding which note octave i want to use.

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They are a combination of MIDI and audio in one.

When the’re blank there won’t be program change messages in the midi live sends. Any way to figure out how Ableton deals with these voices? Hear my musings at www. On my test PC XP which i still have regular audio configured and only reaper uses my interface, I was under the impression that because Reaper was utilizing my audio device, i would have issues, however reaper saw the Yamaha as a midi device and dgd sounds work accordingly.

Brundlefly will be referring to modi track type in Sonar for use with soft synths.

DGX usb midi as keys for other KB | Harmony Central

After a bit of testing – for the Yamaha DGX – It seems, that it only responds to bank 1 – however chaning the PGM allowed me to select some of the voices on my Epiano. After searching the mecca of all electronics in the world Akihabara- 2 full city blocks of electrical heaven in Tokyo, a geeks dream no solution to be found. Or, as Brundlefly suggested, I’ll have to ” Tue Feb ,idi, If not as you play a bass sound assigned to the TTS via your keyboard, the keyboard will be sounding it’s own internal assigned sound as well.


I also recommend using separate MIDI and Audio tracks to begin with, and understand how an Instrument Track combines them before making a habit of using Instrument Tracks all the time.

If anyone knows of a tutorial that addresses this specific MIDI issue then I’d appreciate it if you’d share it with me. If you’re still having trouble, I recommend starting from scratch with one MIDI source, and one audio source, and getting a full understnading of how channels work before moving on. Dear community I have recently started mmidi Ableton Live Lite to test out some of my music gear.

Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-620 Owner’s Manual: Midi Implementation Chart

All times are GMT I will explore them when I get home from work later tonight and report back to you. Thank you very much, this answer really helped me out! Find More Posts by Barksy. Last edited by Barksy; at Send a private message to Ollie.

Yamaha DGX MIDI data not being receiv… – Apple Community

Look at that first image in I wasted a good amount of time on that one trying modi figure it out That device he mentioned only works for keyboards with midi ports that need to be connected to a computer via usb. But when I go to record the keyboard part on channel 2, I’m having trouble getting and keeping the keyboard sound because the bass part is connected to the keyboard part somehow.


Any hints gladly taken.

What a great forum this is. It’s designed to convert a midi signal to usb not usb to midi. Page 1 of 1. This is just a scatter-shot answer.

Consulting the manual I was able to identify a List featuring the Bank, Subbank and Porgram settings required to get all the vgx on my Epiano! Thanks again, FBB and everyone else who contributed to this thread. If you start copying clips around that are all recorded as channel 1, you can get screwy results.

Anyway, Roland and Korg obviously don’t share Yamaha’s view and it doesn’t seem to have hurt mivi sales in any way whatsoever. Honestly stupidly I havent tried all options as yet, but now that is tonight job!