In that case, re-injection is working. I’ll take a look at it. Anonymous September 5, at Already tried with Don’t use kismac to crack your handshake.

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By using injeftion site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Admin June 13, at 4: Bunch O’ Free App. I spent lots of hour to understand those before: J September 23, at 2: Any update on that issue?

Your Asus is not a “cracking too” it’s a Network Adapter” it only transmit data. Thanks, that did help.

macos – Use MacBook Pro airport for injection with kismac – Super User

Should it really ask me for root password? The best description I have seen describes it as a flood of authentication requests, in the hopes of getting a responce that reveals part of the encryption key. That’s why it’s going haywire.


Hi everybody, I’m still the last “anonymous” The Airport Extreme Card doesn’t support packet injection. Me May 27, at 2: Here’s an archived version of the above page: Nno personally hosting the file and have tested it myself, and I’m sure other users would have commented if there were any security concerns about it. James Harris August 7, at 2: I particularly enjoy your undoubtful, questionless, unconcerned self-certainty.

Anonymous December 22, at 8: Mike, that’s a though one as I don’t know what you have captured. A lot of things can go wrong and you will save a great deal of time.

Apparently support for Ralink is coming, but currently it is close to impossible to find a compatible USB adapter for sale in Australia. You can’t possibly nno tried.

Admin May 6, at I feel it must be obvious, I’m just missing it. All answers to your questions are prrimary in the second part of the post, look in Resources and Troubleshooting.

I’ve tried the link you posted for the past few days and it keeps saying the “board is down”. They are truly very well written,precise and to the point. However, it’s still not working. If it writes it to PCAP format as it should, you should be able to get about keys per second out of it I kismc do so on a 2.


Airport extream+kismac+Injection

It always stays at 0, so I can not reinject them to get more unique IV’s. MBPman October 30, at As injectionn your DumpLog provided: I have set up both a linksys and a 2wire routers, both with 40bit keys and both on channel 11 so I can collect packets simutaniously. Anonymous March 8, at 1: Me December 22, at 8: