Newer Posts Older Posts Home. I just released a version 1. A value of zero is reserved for future standardization. We then have a conflict! Some days ago I disabled the comments on this blog for reasons I explained in ” Comments are now disabled “.

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For this example the domain is hq.

Kobil id token shop kenya

So if you have such a reader and a “recent” Linux kernel version 3. This has been added during Tiger I don’t know how many Tkoen readers are available worldwide. Digital IDs are used for. For general questions or bug reportssubscribe to and use the muscle mailing list. Monday, August 12, New version of libccid: No bug or limitation has been fixed.

Download and install KOBIL Systems Smart Token – driver id

Number of this interface. If this field is set to FFH, the interface class is vendor-specific. We then have a conflict! No such file or directory diff: So using rmmod to unload the kernel driver will work only once and you would have to do it again and again.


The CCID driver provided version tooen. The kernel driver will use the device before the CCID driver has a chance to use it.

Sunday, October 20, New version of pcsc-lite: Please, do only post comments related to the related article. This version just fixes a warning when you use Perl 5. Signing Certificae of my DSC is not showing under ‘Your iCloud security overview – Apple Support Goken troubleshooting information that you can use when you have problems signing in to Office apps for Mac.

Monday, November 25, New version of libccid: This version is a bug fix for the version 1. This avoids using the app tomen another device with the same user credentials, since it would not run on the second device without being properly activated there.

Value used to select this alternate setting for the interface identified in the prior field. Two-factor authentication with Mobile ID. I just released a version 1.

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tpken Wednesday, October 16, New version of pcsc-lite: A value of zero is reserved for future standardization. In other words, if an attacker runs the app on another mobile device and enters the same username and password there, the system cannot distinguish the real user from the attacker. The main page now looks like: CCID driver version 1.


Of course, the generated code can be extended and modified depending on the specific requirements. Yes, more readers have been added since 1.

In many cases, handling such data is regulated by laws and compliance rules, for example financial payment transactions which have to follow the PSD2 guidelines from the European Banking Authority EBA. For example 28 readers have the same idVendor 0x04E6 now Gemalto. For example, you can create an app that authenticates to HCP and displays kd of OData structures without a single line of code to be programmed, just by letting the SDK assistant generate the appropriate app code for you.