Auto When set to Disabled, the onboard audio chip is turned off. Disabled If this item is enabled, you can use the following two items to set the typematic rate and the typematic delay settings for your keyboard. Shielded interconnect cables and a shielded AC power cable must be employed with this equipment to ensure compliance with the pertinent RF emission limits governing this device. This mainboard has a built-in VGA graphics system; you must leave this item at the default value. Disabled The CPU clock will be stopped and the video signal will be suspended if no Power Management events occur for a specified length of time. Refer to the Frequency Control Option in Chapter 3 for more information. Install the floppy diskette drive into the drive cage in your system case.

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This is the Wake On Modem feature.


Most of the sub-folders in this folder are matsomic, with a short README file giving directions to alternate folders for the appropriate software. The following information is displayed: Auto When set to Disabled, the onboard modem chip is turned off. Game Port H Default: The information in this document is subject to change without.

You must install at least one module, and it makes no difference which slot you use to install the module. Advanced Chipset Features Option Advanced Chipset Features Option This option displays a table of items that define critical timing parameters of the mainboard components including the memory, and the system logic.


Static Electricity In adverse conditions, static electricity can accumulate and dis- charge through the integrated circuits and silicon chips on this product. The timings programmed into this register are dependent on the system design.

The options are Full and Half default. On This item defines if the keyboard Num Lock key is active when your system is started. You must configure the setting of IR device through the Peripheral Setup.

Reset Configuration Data Default: Disabled The system speed will change from turbo to slow if no Power Management events occur for a specified length of time. Alternatively, matsomic can select a field and press the minus, plus, Page Up or Page Down keys to scroll through the options for that field.

Matsonic MS7127C Windows XP Driver

Options are from 1 Min to 15 Min and Disable. Use the second item Reserved Memory Length to set the amount of reserved memory.

Reconnect the power cables and start the system. Your case and CPU might have cooling fans attached to provide adequate ventilation to the system. Key Function Esc Escape key: We recommend that you leave these items at the default value.

This chapter matsonkc how to set jumpers and install memory modules, and where to attach components.


Matsonic MS7127C Mainboard & Hard to Find

Software The software for this mainboard is stored in the MSC folder. Handle the board carefully holding it by the edges. Disabled When set to Enabled, the following two fields become available and you can set the date day of the monthhour, minute and second to turn on your system. Enter text from picture: The socket pin-1 corner is adjacent to the handle of the locking lever. When the installation is complete, remove the floppy diskette from the diskette drive and restart your computer.

Cmi8x38 Folder Installation Notes – Matsonic MSC User Manual [Page 48]

Full power function will return when a Power Management event is detected. Select Enabled to support compliance with PCI specification version 2. Resources Controlled By Default: Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver. If the jumper cap is removed or placed on just ajdio single pinthe pins are OPEN. Disabled The CPU clock will be stopped and the video signal will be suspended if no Power Management events occur for a specified length of time.